I don’t think there is anyone in this world who can disagree with this episode of Dragon Ball Super. The episode was what I described in my spoiler but after watching it I can say it was much better than what I’ve imagined. So, for those who are waiting for this here are my Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 review.

My Review

I can get out of words for this episode review just because this episode was so amazing and there are more than just one reason behind this. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball series then I’m sure that Piccolo’s will be your one of the favorite character and with this the scene where we see Piccolo’s mind still must be your favorite scene from the episode, it was for me. I’m not a real Dragon Ball fan but the part where Gohan protects Piccolo was also something that gives the chill to my spine. Gohan protecting Piccolo reminds me of the scene from Dragon Ball Z where Piccolo sacrifices himself to protect Gohan against Nappa.

Gohan is changed he becomes strong and he is no more that old scared kid from the past. And that part where he stands in front of Piccolo to protect him just shows that he is a man now. The Gohan and Piccolo relationship always seem interesting to me and Gohan doing such stuff was just amazing.

Other than that Kamehameha that was made with the combined power of Son and Father was something that made me speechless. In this episode, both the Universe 6 and Universe 2 has been eliminated. There was no surprise in this, however, the good thing was the way they took the defeat. Accepting defeat with a smile and then getting erased is not an easy task, that’s what Champs do and both Universe proved that they were a good sport.

No the characters from both the Universe were gone and to be honest I will miss the characters from Universe 6. We all did spend a decent amount of time with their characters. Kaba, Cale, Cauifa, Namekami and all others, losing them were the only things I should be sad about. But the way they took the defeat was just something very nice also they will be back again.

This episode was so well done I can’t just get over with it. I knew that these things will be going to happen but the way they did all this was just amazing.

Wanted to see what happen next, have to wait for another episode or just wait until tomorrow for my spoiler.