Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 review



Ribrianne is gone finally! That character I think most of us dislike has been eliminated. She was the most annoying character and I’m happy she is gone. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Dragon Ball Super. I just watched the episode 117 and here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 review.

My Review

After getting unnecessary focus during the previous episodes, finally, she got an entire episode; luckily it was her elimination episode. Okay so now in this episode there are flaws, and just like everything, there is nothing without flaws. But still, the one many of us are going to complain about is the concept of “the power of love“.


Honestly power of love and Dragon Ball Super doesn’t go right. And the way universe 2 use this power of love is very weird. Tournament of power is going on at its own pace and then the power of love, I mean it doesn’t suit the whole story of this concept. I know it’s funny and there are many of us must be enjoying it. I’m also enjoying it but I’m not a fan of this concept and it’s a relief seeing Universe 2 finally almost eliminated from the tournament. Their main trump card is gone and they are basically eliminated.


From what we have seen in this episode it was like that the love for Universe Six is very shallow. And I don’t like it, love is love it couldn’t be subjective. Ribrianne is a hypocrite and she is very shallow & watching her eliminated feels good to me. I was completely annoyed with her and if I were have to seen her in anymore episode I would have get livid.

Other than that for me, it was a good episode; there are many reasons to prove it too. First of all the best reason is that Ribrianne is gone. After that there is great action that is shown by Android 17 and 18, their teamwork is amazing and seeing it once again is what I really like in this episode. Andorind barrier was the best moment of the episode for me. The other part that I like is also related to both of them. The part where Android 8’s leg hurt and Android 17 comes to fix her leg was just unexpected. Andorind 17 is a cold person and he just doesn’t care about things. Watching him like this is just weird. In the end, the part where Vegeta tries to achieve his Ultra Instinct was just what I wanted to see. Vegeta is Goku’s rival and he trying to achieve this new form is pretty expected. But seeing him trying it is just better.

The episode was a good episode not the best or amazing but it was good.