Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 review


Seeing Goku using his Ka Ma Hame Ha right at the face of Kefla is the best scene of the Dragon Ball Super episode 116. Yes, the episode is out and I’ve already seen it. Now for those who are waiting for this here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 review.

My Review

Omg! it was crazy. this latest episode and the fight between Goku and Kefla was just insane. In the last episode of Dragon Ball Super 115, we have seen Goku achieving his ultra instinct for the second time but we didn’t get to see much as the episode was just ended there. Now in this episode, we see what we expected, this episode was all about Goku vs Kefla.

The best thing about this episode was not just the Goku’s Ultra Instinct but it was Kefla who showed that she is very powerful. WIth the raising power of Goku’s Ultra Instinct, Kefla was also able to raise her power to a very new level. She did get to the super sayian 2 stage but she lost in the end. Goku ended the fight with his legendary “Ka Ma Hama Ha” and it was the best scene of the episode according to me.

Kefla gave him a good fight even though he was on his Ultra Instinct form. During the end of the fight, her attacks actually managed to touch Goku, though they didn’t get any harm on him at this rate she could defeat Goku easily.

Now let’s talk about the Ultra Instinct, as we discussed in my last post of Dragon Ball Super which was dedicated to only and only on Goku’s Ultra Instinct. His Ultra Instinct actually works on the theory that we discussed. In Ultra Instinct body start to act without thinking and with that, the person holding Ultra Instinct form can dodge any attack. Just like we discussed actions of the body without thinking is Ultra Instinct and we have Vegeta to back up on this.

Seeing Kakarot in this Ultra Instinct form Vegeta understands what it actually is. For all the Fans of Vegeta, there is will be a new form of Vegeta that he will be achieved soon. Vegeta is always inspired by Goku and his will to always get stronger and this time seeing Goku in his new form Vegeta thinks that if Goku can achieve it than why not he himself achieve it. This proved that there will be a new form of Vegeta coming to our way.