Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 review


Power of tournament is giving us the best action scenes and now in this latest episode of Dragon Ball Super Goku achieved his Ultra Instinct again. Yes, I’m talking about episode 115 of Dragon Ball Super, it was super fun and here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 review.

My Review

In the last episode, we see the use of Portra when Caulifa and Kale fuse together and become Kafla. Now in this episode, we see the power, the energy of Portra Fusion. Using fusion was not allowed in the competition but after seeing the immense energy they allowed the use of Portra for fusion. After that everyone starts to talk about if they should use the Portra power or not.

Other than that Kafla fighting with Goku and giving him hard time, Kafla did beat Goku a lot and made Goku transform into Super Saiyan Blue, not just Super Saiyan Blue but Kafla’s power made him use King Kai Fist. His stamina has not recovered yet and he can’t use stay in this form for a long time.

After giving a good fight to Kafla Goku get’s a hit by Kafla and his Super Sayan Blue was defeated he was almost knocked out and that’s why the episode was titled as “Goku VS Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!”

Yes, Super Saiyan Blue was defeated by Kefla but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. Goku loves to keep himself on edge and when he gets up after losing his Blue form something interesting happened. He dodged the intense attacks of Kafla with ease, his eyes were shining and he broke his shell and entered into his Ultra Instinct form once again. No one expected to see it again but to be honest I was waiting for it. Though I thought we get to see it in the Goku vs Jireans next fight.

So, for me, the best part of the episode was when Goku stands up after getting down for the last time and entered into his Ultra Instinct form. It was the second time which means it was not just luck or something but he actually entered into his Ultra Insticnt form. I think when Goku is completely exhausted and lost all his stamina he somehow able to get into his Ultra Instinct form. If you are looking for the reason why this happened to achieve this form is hard for even God’s but Goku he achieves it the second time in this Tournament of Power.

Well, Goku has been fighting for so long, it like he can fight in his sleep and according to me, this is exactly what made Goku entered into his Ultra Instinct form. During his Ultra Instinct form while dodging Kafla’s attack his eyes were closed but he dodged all her attacks easily. It’s like his unconscious body knows how to fight even when he has no stamina or he is down. it’s like his body has learned how to fight even without any energy and stamina and that’s how his body achieves his Ultra Instincts.

Though we have to wait for the next episode to see what his new form can do this time.