Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Review


I’m back with another episode review this time I’m doing Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 review.

My Review

In the last episode we saw Kale exceeding her power and going berserk but what we saw in this episode was slightly different. I expected it to be a mad fight as Kale went Berserk but when Califia said that she is happy that she gets this power and now they both can finish Gou, kale comes to her senses and able to control all this new and enormous power.

Goku was shaking because of Sayain instincts and both Kale and Califa gave him a good fight. They made Goku enter is Super Saiyan god mode. Which is basically comes with the red hairs and some extreme amount of power. He fights with both and able to stop them by dodging all of their attacks and withstanding all of them.

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Their fight was a good show for Friza, particularly as we see him standing at the top of the rock watching sayain’s fighting each other.
It was already very interesting but then something new happens. Kale and Caulifa fuse and become Kalifa.

Freza wanted to fight with both of these universe 6 sayain’s but Goku stopped him by saying I’m already fighting with them and by saying “first come, first serve”. So Freza was just spectating the fight and enjoying Goku getting beaten up.

With his new God form, he tried to end this Goku used his Ka-ma-ha-ma-ha and it felt like the fight has been ended but both the women’s super sayain’s are not that easy to beat. They fuse using Potara with increases their energy by 10 times.

Thier fused form Kalifa is super strong and fast as we see Kalifa dodging Goku’s attack by just one swop of hand. Kalifa seems to be dangerous and all the people from Universe 7 are thinking the same. But we know Goku likes to do things beyond anyone’s expectation.

This episode was not just concentrated to Goku vs Kale and Caulifa’s fight. We also see Vegeta fighting Jirean’s mate and Freza trying to find a new opponent to beat.

The Episode was filled with a lot of actions just like most of the Dragon Ball episode but still, it was good and I enjoyed all the action. In the next episode, we are going to see how Goku confronts Kalifa and to be honest, it is not going to be easy. As Vegeta who is fighting at a distance from Goku can feel this new power near Goku and he seems to be shocked.