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In the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, we see some good actions and also get to know about the Frieza’s real plan when he knocked off Caba. Also, the episode ended when Caulifla challenged Goku to fight with her. The episode 113 is available online and titled as “With Great Joy! The Repeat Battle-Crazy Saiyan Fight!!”. I’ve already watched it and here are my Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 review.

My Review

The episode started from where we expect it to be, Calulifa challenging Goku to fight with him so that she can beat him and become Super Saiyan 3. Goku accepted her challenge and fight begins.

To be honest, I enjoyed the fight, all her moves, she becomes stronger than before and Goku was appreciating her strength. Though at first, she was unable to touch Goku as he was dodging off her every move very easily after that when she gets little mad she landed a nice kick to Goku and he flies on the rocks.

The fight was pretty good and the best thing about it was that it covered the entire episode and while watching it I was completely lost in the fight and wasn’t thinking about the other fights that were healding at the same place. If you ask me the best part of the entire fight then I would say it was the one when Goku transformed himself at Super Saiyan 2 and both were continuously fighting and the waves from their fight swept off the entire arena.

People were amused and surprised by seeing the real powers of Cualifa. Other than that watching God in the benches made me laugh as they were very scared as Goku is not recovered and Caulifla was showing some pretty good action.

Though it was completely different with Goku he was not scared, instead, he called kale to join the fight so that she and Caulifla can become Sayin 3 at the same time. Now all three were at Sayan 3 and having fun (that’s what I think). As Goku was blocking their attacks pretty easily. There was the time just for few seconds when Goku got carried away and gets to the Saiyan 3. He didn’t show any power and quickly gets back to Saiyan 2.

By seeing this and in order to become stronger Kale gets carried away and she went Berserk again.

What’s Expected In Next Episode?

In next episode, we will see a fight between Goku and Kale who went Berserk again. I know Goku will handle it easily but the fight will amazing and I can’t wait to see it.