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Hit, the most valuable fighter from universe six is gone from the tournament of power and now Universe six is struggling as Caba stuck in the tight spot, having fight for his survival. Luckily Vegeta aids Caba and helped him with his survival. While we can see Freza having his eyes on the young Saiyan Caba. Yes, finally I’m here with my Dragon Ball Super episodes review. Episode 112 is aired just a couple of hours ago. Here are my Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 review.

My Review

The episode is titled as “A Saiyan’s Vow! Vegetas Resolution!“, before I talk about this episode. I wanted to say that next episode is going to be super. Now episode 112 started from exactly where we left off. Jirian knocked out Hit and after that starts meditating. In this episode, all the universe are collectively targeting warriors from Universe 6 or Universe 7. Goku is tired but he still got the fighting spirit inside him.

In this episode we see Universe 3 warriors attacking Goku. He is tired and because of that, they are making Goku a target. We haven’t seen this Universe 3 warrior doing much but now when they are attacking Goku we might see some action from there side. On the other side, Gohan and Piccolo teamed up and to fight other two Normakian’s. They are handling them pretty well and there is a lot of action going all around.

We also see Kale and Caulifla chatting down in the pit and suddenly a Universe four warrior challenged her. Caba steps in between Universe four fighter and it was great to see him fighting. From the spoilers that I read it was sure that this episode is going to be Caba centric.

Now Mona is the name of the Universe four fighter and there is no comparison of both Mona and Caba’s power. Mona knocked out Caba from Saiyan mode and pushed him to the edge. When Caba opens his eyes he sees Vegeta hanging to his arm trying to help a fellow Saiyan. It was cool watching Vegeta helping other Saiyan but he is not of his team. Also helping someone else is exactly opposite of Vegeta’s nature particularly if we look at the scene back from the Goku and Jillian’s fight. When Goku needed the energy to form his spirit ball everyone from his Universe helped him by lending their energy to Goku but Vegeta was just standing and not giving his energy to Goku.

Though Vegeta cleared his motive why he is helping Caba is that he can’t stand watching a weak Saiyan. Freza was standing at a distance, his eyes locked on Caba. After the fight between Caba and Mona, he moves away and then Freza kind of challenged Caba. Another beautiful fight especially when Freza grabs Caba from his face and then Caba unleashed his Super Saiyan form and blasts a gala gun straight to the ace of Freza. And Freza takes it heads-on and after that beams were hitting Caba and when the smoke clears we see Golden Freza.

Also, we finally get to see the Blue Super Saiyan Vegeta fighting Toppo after the fight between Caba and Mona. On the other side, Goku was trying to stay alive, fighting three fighters from Universe 3. It was getting hard for Goku and at then there come Caulifla saving Goku. Though the next episode there will be a fight between Goku and Caulifla. It is going to be dope and I’m waiting for it now.