Dragon Ball Super: Broly Will Hit US Theaters In January


Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie is the new hype for the Dragon Ball fans. The first trailer of this movie was launched on March & since then after we started collecting more information related to it. Later the Japanese release date of the movie got confirmed on 14th December. After the Japanese release, we will gradually see the movie featuring in theaters in the English speaking countries.

The movie also created the hype in the US market & according to IGN, this movie has been confirmed to get in the US theaters on 16 Jan 2019. Gen Fukunaga, CEO & President, Funimation said in a Press Release “From its updated art style to the assembly of canon characters new and old, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is sure to please fans. Creator Akira Toriyama’s imagination and masterful storytelling truly shine through in this exciting new movie.” His statement clearly indicates that the movie is going to be action fact (Which is obvious in Dragon Ball).

According to the source, we will first see the English Dubbed to Premium in LA at the Chinese Theater which will be early to the US release. The English-dubbed will out on December 13, 2018, in the Chinese Theater, LA.

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