Dragon Ball Movie release date and title


As everyone knows that the Dragon Ball Super is going to end, hence the creators mention a news of releasing the new Dragon Ball Movie. Well the movie is not going to release soon bit, have got some interesting news on the movie.

This new Dragon Ball movie is the 20th version “Dragon Ball” Production team & the team has decided to keep the title of the movie “Dragon Ball Super (Super)“,&  the release date for the movie is going to be December 14th (Friday).

Currently Dr. Toriyama Akira is working on, screenplay and character design for the movie, which we could see soon. From the image below we can see Goku drew in a white background representing the work of animation for this new movie.

We know how much our readers love Dragon Ball so we will continue to bring you all the latest information possible on the movie. Till then stay with us and read more cool and amazing anime related stuff.