Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 Delayed


Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3

Episode Status: Aired

Note: Please  watch Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 on official streaming websites.

The Dragon Ball Heroes series is doing really great & everyone is really excited to see the EP 3. After the Ep 1, it took an extra week for the team to release the Episode 2, but this time with episode 3 it’s going to take a much longer time. Yes! we have just got a confirmation that the Dragon Ball Heroes Release Date has been delayed.

If you are thinking that the Episode 3 will release after a week, then you might be wrong. The Dragon Ball Heroes EP 3 is going to launch in the month of September. This announcement was made official on their official website. The exact release date of the episode is not yet confirmed, but it is said that the episode will be launched in the first week of September.

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