Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 – What We Can Expect?


Dragon Ball Hero Episode 2.

We all might have watched the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 & with this episode, it is quite clear that this series is full of action and one biggest surprise is the Evil Sayien, KanbaFu the creator of the Prison planet is really planning something devilish for sure & by the end of this episode, we will get to know more. So what can we really expect from the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2?

As we all know that Trunk is facing Cooler from another planet, but in the EP 2 we believe they won’t show the complete battle. This episode will be a glimpse of Kanba’s ability. Being an Evil Sayien, he will definitely create an huge impact in the Series. By the end we might see Trunk’s victory against Cooler.

If we think about another Goku, who is there to investigate might get in battle with the Evil Saiyan along with Sin Goku & Vegita. We could see both Goku’s facing against the Evil Sayein by the end of this episode.

As said by Fu, that it’s his big experiment, which also can be a case that Fu is planning to acquire something huge from Goku’s power. No matter what we say, we will have to wait for the episode to be aired to get clear idea.

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