Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 Spoiler & Release Date – Fused Zamasu’s Apperience


For those who have been watching Dragon Ball Heros anime might be quite excited for every episode they release. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 is in the next big talking point for the DBZ fans. (Zolpidem) Not only that, but it was confusion that we might see 2 fights in this episode. What’s interesting to see is Zamasu and Hearts keeping Goku and Universe 7 warriors busy in the fight. Hence, we are here to discuss Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 Spoiler and will also know by when will it get released.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 Spoiler

It’s known to everyone that EP 16 is going to be a battle between Universe 7 vs Heart. But, there have been rumors going around about Zamasu. As Heart is the only powerful villain that Universe 7 has to fight, there are not aware of what is coming next.

As per the Spoiler update, Zamasu will be seen in Episode 16. This gives a hint that the Universe 7 fighters will have to face the fused Zamasu. If we talk about Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 15, then we saw that Heard gave the Universal Seed to Kamioren. Even after consuming the Universal Seed, Kamioren was killed by the Saiyan. By the end of the episode, we got to know the actually got to know what Heart had in his mind.

Release Date

For those who are waiting for the Dragon Ball Heroes EP 16 will have for October to arrive. This ensures that EP 16 is not going to release in September. As per the tweet by Terez, Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 release date is set for 1st Week of October. We believe that the episode will get its release on 5th Oct 2019, but we will still wait for the official confirmation.

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