Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Review


Dragon Ball Hero Episode 1

For those who don’t have access to the Dragon Ball Hero Episodes, there are websites through which we could watch the series. The Dragon Ball Hero Ep 1 is an 8:45 minutes episode, which is nothing but a small glimpse of what the Dragon Ball Hero Series going to be. If you want to know more about this, then this is my review of Dragon Ball Hero Episode 1.

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The Dragon Ball Hero starts with Son Goku & Vegeta Practicing with Whis, where Mai enters with Trunks missing news. By the time when everyone is just talking about Trunk, Fu enters the conversation by presenting him as Trunks friend & tells everyone that he is in trouble at Prison Planet. After knowing the fact that everyone on that planet is the most dangerous criminals Goku, Vegeta along with Mai enters the Prison Planet.

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The one thing that was unexpected here was to see another Goku. Yes! we see two  Goku in this episode facing each other. But the battle between both does not really last that long. By the time battle ends Fu enters the conversation & seems that Fu is the one who is the bad guy. (Valium)

In this episode, we get to know that the Prison planet is Labrourity made by Fu, where he brings the most powerful warriors from different planets and make them fight each other. Now the main surprise here is that no one can actually escape this planet until they find the 7 Dragon Balls where the other Goku from other dimension contains one and now they have to find the rest 6.

What are we going to expect in Dragon Ball Hero Episode 2?

With the teaser of the Dragon Ball Episode 2, it is going clear that we are going to see Trunk facing against a warrior from another dimension having no clew about the Dragon Ball.

What we are expecting that we could see Black Goku coming at the end of this series or maybe in between. We have already have been through the fact that there is been a working going around Black Goku a villain & it seems that the fight between the Black Goku and the original Son Goku is going to be epic. Until then keep watching the episodes.