Dragon Ball Heroes Anime – A New Dragon Ball Anime Series


Alright, so just a couple of hours back I got to hear a good news. Dragon Ball Heroes Anime is announced today. I was not a Dragon Ball fan but after watching the Dragon Ball Super I’m really hooked to the Dragon Ball series. With the end of Super series a few months back, fan’s were wondering when the next series will come. But now this big news will surely put an end to their wondering.

After seeing the latest twitter post by Yonkou Productions it is clear that Dragon Ball Heroes is getting their own anime. I personally haven’t played the game but my friends do play and I’ve obviously seen them playing. So for those who don’t know Dragon Ball Heroes is a completely different story. New villains and characters with a mixed bland. Heroes series didn’t connect to any previous series and it has a different story of its own. It’s definitely a cool one.

I’m excited and I know all you Dragon Ball fans are also very excited and happy after getting this news. But I’m also excited because of the fact that we might get to see many other adaptations like Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Fan’s love this game as well and may it got his own anime in future.