Dragon Ball Episode 131 Spoiler/ Prediction

"Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!" - Is This Jiren's End?



So we are finally at the end of Dragon Ball Super Episode. Just one episode and we will know the whole story. The Episode 130 was amazing & everyone was surprised to see Android 17 to appear, but we all were aware of Fireza’s appearance. At the end of the Episode 130 we saw Son Goku to loose all his power as he couldn’t control it, but the title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again” say a lot about the Episode 130.

I know everyone is thinking that son Goku is going to loose the tournament & the one left will be Jiren (As we know that Android 17 & Fireza is no match to him). But I don’t feel that’s going to happen.

As we all know Goku is a kind of person who will never give up & knowing the fact that Jiren tried to attach his friends, there is no doubt that Goku will be loose to him. Also we all have seen Jiren before killing Goku (when he was down loosing all his powers) said that Goku will always be in his memories.

Now! considering these facts, it is clear that Goku along with Fireza & Android 17, will eliminate Jiren & that’s the moment when Jiren says Farewell to Goku.

This is what my theory behind the title of Dragon Ball Final Episode 31. But we really can’t predict on what will happen till the last minute of the episode. But no matter what it is; Everyone is eager to know what’s going to happen. So will it be Jiren, or Goku?