Dr Stone Chapter 83 Release Date & Expected Spoilers


Dr Stone chapter 83

Dr. Stone Chapter 83: Epilogue of the Stone Wars

Release Date: 17 November 2018

Dr. Stone Chapter 83 is finally out and as expected we saw a reinforcement from Senku side. It was expected that Hyouga’s backup would come, but that did not happen. Now we are seeing Senku on a journey to create the new Kingdom of Science. What was surprising to us how Senku wanted to keep Hyouga alive.

It was also good to see Tsukasa alive but was upset for destroying stone statues. With the end of this chapter, the 3rd Arc of Dr. Stone has started & everyone is eager to know what we could expect from chapter 83.

Note: Dr. Stone chapter 83 will have a colored front page.

In this article, we are going to discuss with you the Expected spoiler for Chapter 83. We are also open to your thoughts on this new arc.

Dr. Stone Expected Spoiler

The last page of chapter 82 clearly shows that Dr. Stone chapter 83 will be focused on the source of petrification. This confirms that Senku will have to go through a much harder way. According to his statement, “With Science, we will locate the source of the Petrification”

If we go with the exact meaning of Pertification, then we will see Senku finding the process through which he could expose organic matter exposed to minerals so that he can turn it into a stony substance (This is just an exact meaning). Now we have to wait to see how he will exactly execute it.

Apart from this, we might also see how everyone will help Senku to build a kingdom of science.

Dr. Stone Release Date:

Talking by Dr. Stone chapter 83 release date this chapter will air on 17th November 2018. This is just the expected spoiler for Chapter 83, but the official spoiler will be out a few days to its release. Hence, we request you to check back on us for regular update.