Dr Stone Chapter 81 Spoiler Update


Dr Stone Chapter 81

Manga Chapter: Dr Stone Chapter 81

Release Date: 5 November

The last Chapter of Dr. Stone clearly showed Hyouga’s plan & what everyone is excited to know if Senku will join hands with him. This chapter also made it clear that in Chapter 81 we will be seeing Tsukasa & Senku fighting against Hyouga. The most unexpected thing was how he decided to clean up the world population.

Hyouga made it clear that both he and Senku wants the same thing & hence wants to join him. One of the funniest parts was when Huouga threaten Tsukasa to join him. In this Article, we are going to talk about what the spoiler for Chapter 81 & if you are one of those who doesn’t like spoilers, then you should skip this article.


There is no doubt that Senku & Hyouga have the same thought, but it is also clear that the way to execute it is different. This chapter is going to focus on the battle between Tsukasa & Senku fighting against Tsukasa.

In this chapter, we will see a proper combination of Scient & Power. It is sure that Hyouguga is quite powerful to defeat & hence we are expecting to see an amazing battle in 2v/s 1. It is also clear that this chapter will be the final battle between the three of them.

There is a huge possibility that Senku along with Tsukasa will defeat Hyouga make him realize his wrong thoughts. As he said only Exile has the right to live, which means after the defeat he becomes the victim of his own word.

What we really want to know if Tsukasa could realize he mistake and join Senku or will get defeated. To know what exactly will happen in this chapter, we will have to wait until the chapter releases.

Release Date:

Dr. Stone Chapter 81 will release on 5th November 2018 and in this chapter, we will get to know the result of the final battle. What we are really excited to know about is how Senku along with Tsukasa make a proper use of Science and power respectively.