Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Episode 2 – Okappa’s New Life


Double Decker Episode 2

Double Decker Episode 2: “Farewell, Detective Okappa!”

Release Date: 30-Sept 2018

Status: Aired

Update: The episode is aired on all Anime streaming websites.

If you are reading this Article, then it is sure that you are looking to know more information on the latest launched anime series “Double Secker”. The Episode 1 was really an interesting episode that has a proper buildup story of each character, the good & bad people & more about the city. The first episode goes around a group called SEVEN-O Special Crime Investigation who are involved in investigating special cases.

The main character of this series, Vrubel Kirill works as a cop with no interest in his job and looking to be a hero by saving people. One day in an incident he involving “Anthem” & helps a member from the SEVEN-O, Doug Billingham to arrest the victim.

With that incident, Kirill becomes a part of SEVEN-O group leaving his old Cop duty & playing as a “Double Decker” (Partners working in two) with Doug. The episode was really interesting & hence we also did some investigation on what we could expect from the episode 2 of Double Decker.

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Episode 2 Expectation: 

We all know that Kirill has now become a part of the SEVEN-O group after fighting with the Boss for his nickname and finally selects a weird name Okappa. He will be working as a partner with Doug, which means in episode 2, we will see Kirill in action.

According to the preview, we see how Kirill is fighting against the giant man, which seems to be part of SEVEN-O training. We will also see how Kirill is going through a tough time in SEVEN-O group.

Note: This episode is released & is available in all online streaming sites.