Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Episode 3 – Partners Partner


Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Episode 3

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Episode 3: “Your Rival is Your Partners Partner”

Release Date: Unknown

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill seems to be a good anime series & we believe that the future episodes are going to be interesting. In the 2nd Episode we got to know more about Doug’s character & a slight about his past.

In the last episode we saw how Travis Murphy bluffs Kirill that he made a huge mistake by selecting him & ask him to join his old job. But it seems that Travis is more dumb than Kirill. ( Kirill takes a week to proof himself worthy for Seven-O. To stay in Seven-O he takes a tip for Anthem, but failed. It seems that Doug is way more smarter than him & hence find something fishy about that place & plans to follow the ambulance.

We also saw a riot at Desperatio Prison, which was case by Henry Glen to make an escape with the help of a guard. Henry uses Anthem and changes his face for an escape. But Doug figures it out & captures Henry.

The next episode can release anytime soon & the title, “Your Rival is Your Partners Partner” gives a lot of room for us to think on what we can expect from the Episode 3.

Our Expectation:

As seen in the preview, we might see how Kirill faces the prospect of Love with one of her colleague, but the same time we might also see some action in this episode. As in the last episode we saw about Doug’s old Double Decker partner, Derick. So why are we talking about Derick here?

As the title says “Your Rival is Your Partners Partner” which indicates that they might face Derick, which might have affected him with the drugs. This episode is all going to be about how Doug fights with his old dead partner. 

Release Date:

We are not sure by when can we expect to see Double Decker 3rd Episode, but it is sure that it might be aired soon in October. So, what do you think that you can expect from the 3rd Episode. Do share your thoughts in the comment below.