Dimension W: A new anime to watch


I was browsing the internet, trying to find something new to watch or read. This time I was looking for something futuristic that consists of robot or maybe a sci-fi series. And that’s how to get to know about “Dimension W”. According to the synopsis, this Anime is running in the year 2071 (pretty ahead from now), other than our conventional three-dimensional world (X, Y, and Z) mankind has discovered a new dimension that is known as Dimension W in the series.

What to expect

This new Dimension W is consists of some kind of energy that won’t be last and holds an infinite amount of energy. In order to take advantage from this new dimension and its never lasting source of energy, humans develop a device which is known as “Coil” to harness the energy. With these “coils” a company known as New Tesla emerges and makes a business out of it. But soon they become the illegal distributors of these chips.

The hero in this series is going to be an ex-soldier whose name is Kyouma Mabuchi. According to series our hero don’t like this new technology much and that’s why when the world is running by using these coils he is still driving a gas powered car. Kyouma is a “Collector,” who hunts down illegal coils in exchange for money. On one of its usual coils hunting mission, he found Mira Yurizaki an android who is built by the same person who develops these Coils. After that mission, Kyouma and Mira become allies to uncover the mysteries of Dimension W.

Am I going to watch it?

Just after reading its synopsis I become restless to watch it and now after watching it, I can happily recommend it to all of you. it was started in 10th January of 2016 and ended this year of March. It is a worth watching anime series with 12 episode and one ova and special episode.