Dimension W episode 2 review


Dimension W Episode 2

What was it, It was good but it wasn’t what I was expecting. All I see was out Hero chasing Losser. From the title you might already know what I’m talking about, if not then I’m talking about Dimension W episode 2. I’m so into this Anime, I like the Hero (Kyoma) is just a bad ass and he seems to have a past. That gives kind of a good mystery to the series also another important thing they have robots in it, robots that look like human and how can I forget about Kyoma’s gasoline powered car. Now, without waiting, another minute here are Dimension W Episode 2 review.

My review

Before I start reviewing episode 2, let me first tell you what is Dimension W and what this series is all about. Okay, so now we are in future and humankind find out another dimension, other than our conventional dimensions X, Y & Z and this dimension known as Dimension W. Humans are extracting power source from this dimension using coils. Dimension W consists of unlimited energy and now everything is powered by these coils, which extract energy directly from Dimension W. New Tesla Energy is the one who developed these coils but now they have become the source of illegal coils. Our hero hates these coils for some reason and hunts illegal coils.

In the last episode, we saw him saving an android named Mira and now in this episode, they are teamed up. Mira is an android, developed by Dr. Yurizaki, father of coils. He is apparently dead now and he told Mira to follow illegal coils after his death. That leads us here Mira and Kyoma tamed up. Mira wore his new outfit in this episode and looks super cute. But that’s not what we are here to talk about. Kyoma is on an another hunt and waiting for Losser (a showman/thief who tries to steal artifacts but get failed every time but always call the public to give a show). According to our Kyoma, he did get failed on purpose because he is not behind the artifact but he is after something else.

Losser also has a partner a boy who is apparently good with computer and stuff. When Kyoma chases Losser to stop him and take his illegal coil, Mira’s signal get disturbed and so she tries to find the jammer which is controlled by the Losser’s partner.

Kyoma faces Losser and I thought there will be a fight scene but no there wasn’t any. Though we get to know the Losser was after numbers. Numbers are special or you may say beta coils, which are ultimate source to extract power, unlike other coils these numbers can extract energy from deep inside the dimension W.

Other than that when Kyoma killed two bodyguard robots (running on illegal coils) of the manager of the facility, Manager messes up with his robot and tries to take out Kyoma’s killer pin out of his robot’s coil. He messed up and creates a Dimensional collapse. Dimensional collapse is basically when dors of DIMENSION W open’s and interfered with our dimension, creating the weird thing.

Episode was fun to watch and I’m wondering what we’ll get to see in the next episode.