Dimension W episode 1 review


Dimension W Episode 1

Okay, one episode down and here is my review of  Dimension W episode 1.
If you have read my last post, you must know that I started this series “Dimension W” just today. It is a sci-fi, futuristic Anime series running in 2071 (pretty ahead in future). Humankind has found a new dimension “Dimension W” other than our conventional dimensions (X, Y & Z).

My review

The episode starts with our hero lying under his car, repairing while a news about New Tesla. It is kind of weird seeing our hero tinkering with his gas-powered car in a world where everything has turned to the mysterious clean energy source that is found in dimension W.

New Tesla Energy is a company who started making their business using these coils and unknown source of energy, and now there are becoming a source of illegal coils in the market. Apparently our hero Kyoma hates this new source of energy for some reason that we didn’t know yet. And now he works as a collector, whose work is to hunt people who use illegal coils. So, you can say he is basically a bounty hunter, who hunt illegal coil in return of money. Though he always takes his payment half in cash and the half in gasoline.

These illegal coils can be used to blow things up and that’s what we exactly see in the first episode. Some bad guys found some illegal coils which he used in a water gun to make an explosion (just to show how dangerous these coils can get) and remember it was just a water gun. We also saw an another character Mira, kind of keep as a hostage by one of the bad guys, who tried to do something nasty with her. At the same time, our hero was spying on bad guys ready to make his move. Later we saw our hero fighting using some long nails type weapon. He is pretty good with them, get to save the girl who we later get to know is an android. Mira is one of the advanced android built by the person who developed “coils”. Though by the end her father killed himself and Mira begs to Kyoma to let him join his journey to hunt people with illegal coils. Everything was just same what we read in the synopsis of this series.

There is a lot more to tell but I don’t want to ruin everything for you, just go and watch it. It is pretty interesting just from the start and you will love the action sequences in this series.

What I like about the episode

The first thing that I can’t ignore is our heroes ride, looks like a Porche to me but I’m not sure. This white colour ride of our hero makes a little jealous. Other than that our hero performs some pretty amazing dance moves during the intro song. You will surely laugh out loud because that is completely opposite of his personality.