Devil’s Line- Trailer released


Spring is around the corner, and I’m excited about the new animes of the spring season. One of them just revealed it’s first trailer. Ryo Hanada’s Devil’s Line a vampire romance story just published a new trailer for their TV anime. Yoshinobu Tokumoto and Hideaki Nakano are directing the series, and it is set to release on April 7th in Japan.

Devil’s Line is one of the hit manga that is getting its own anime series this year. The story of manga revolves around a character named Tsukasa, who is a rescued by a demon. Anzai is the name of this demon, which is more like a vampire then a demon. Anazi works for a task force that works on the cases related to the demons.Testing his rule of never drinking human blood and keeping safe Tsukasa is what story is all about.

The date is confirmed but there is still that we still don’t know about the series.