Devil’s Line Episode 1 review


Okay, it is the third anime that I started to watch in this season of Anime. I’ve already mentioned it on my list of anime to watch on Spring 2018. Devil’s Line is the anime I’m talking about I’ve watched the first episode and here is my Devil’s Line Episode 1 review.

My Review

Personally, I find the first episode interesting though I don’t actually know why I liked it. I’m kind of having mixed reaction about this particular anime. Maybe because I like Vampire fantasy and Romance liked this anime. But I know most of you don’t really because the way it is portrayed was not really amazing.The way they started the episode was pretty bad, the action, anime and the colour pallet even the art of the anime is bizarre. If you want to watch an anime with good animation and art, then Devil’s Line is not worth watching for you. People are only going to watch this series for its story.Now let’s talk about the opening song, even if I don’t compare the Opening Song of Devil’s Line with other few anime’s like Boku No Hero Academia and MegloBox. The Opening song of Devil’s Line still sucks. THere was nothing good in it, and personally, I didn’t like the opening song.

I know till know it looks like I’m complaining about the series, but there is something that attracted me as well. And just as I mentioned before it’s the theme of the anime. Devil’s Line is an edgy anime with more sense into it. It’s a typical vampire anime in which when a vampire smells the blood they can’t control themselves. I don’t know if I’m going to continue reviewing this series as I don’t it really interesting till now. But let’s watch few more episodes before judging it. There is not a lot for me to talk about this series. But you can stay with us as new anime reviews are going to start from now on.