Detective Conan Movie 22- Zero Enforcer official trailer is out


“Detective Conan” Movie 22 “zero enforcer” 90 seconds trailed has been released showcasing all the action that we as a fan will love to watch.
Amuro Tou the main character from movie 20 “Detective Conan: Pure Black Nightmare” will once again playing the main character debut.

According to what I’ve seen in the trailer the movie will be portraying how Police department will jeopardize the privacy of innocent public to get their hands on big fish.In all this, Conan will be fighting for justice of people. I’m not sure about the release date, but reportedly it is set to release on 13 April 2018.

The trailer started with a big explosion, and after that, all the amazing action started.

Original: Aoyama Gangchang
Supervision: Tachikawa;
Script: Sakurai Wu Qing;
Music: big wild koff;