Death Note 2 – Live Action Movie Confirmed On Netflix


Death Note 2 Movie

Everyone who is into Animes must have heard about Death Note, which is one of the most popular Anime. Today after such a long time, we have something interesting for the Death Note fan & it is about Death Note 2 Live action movie.

According to the recent report from Hollywood Reporter, it has got confirmed that the Death Note 2 will be aired on Netflix soon. The report says that this will be a Live Action movie directed by David Ayer & Smit, whereas Greg Russo will be working on the script.

Apart from this, there is no discussion on the release date or cast. We are expecting this Action Movie, Death Note 2 could release by 2019, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed. It seems that the work on the movie has already been started, but they want to keep things in suspense.

We will be keeping you Death Note fans updated about the movie in coming future.