It’s different, it’s not a bait. After watching Citrus episode 2 I can confirm that it is an actual yuri themed series. So people who are into yuri themed series, congrats you found a new series. Here is my Citrus Episode 2 review.

Citrus Episode 2 Review

My Review

This episode was on Yuzu Arihara our main character of the anime. It was clearly a character development episode trying to tell why Yuzu suit’s best for this character. Yuzu is a friendly but dumb character who made a number of mistakes but she always apologetic and easy to accept her mistake. She is portraying one of those people who doesn’t think much before doing or saying something.

The story is taking quick progression as it cut out some of the real cliche drama by cutting out the teacher right in the 2nd episode of the series. As you know the teacher was forcing on students to kiss him and Yuzu just tell it to everyone and the teacher got kicked out right in the 2nd episode of the series. I don’t know if you think it is good or a bad thing but to me personally I’m relieved that now we don’t have to wait to see the main story of the series.

To be honest, if had to see that teacher for some more episode it will get really hard for me the character was really annoying and the things he was doing are disgusting as well. Citrus is not a series that everyone would like to watch. Only Yuri fans will be watching it, I’m not a real Yuri fan but still, I like to watch it from time to time. Talking about Yuri there is something that I want to talk about but I think to wait until the next episode would be a good choice. Though just for the hint, I think some of the scenes are just to full fill viewers yuri hunger and don’t have a real meaning and also they are too visual. Other than that it was an enjoyable episode I liked it hope you all like it too.