Another anime is out now, well actually more than one animes are released in past few days. Thought the one I’m talking about right now is called Citrus. Wait, don’t make the title deceive you just like it deceived me. It, not an anime related to food or lemons. It’s a slice of life style anime with a female lead. I have just watched it and here is my Citrus Episode 1 review/first impression.

My Review

If you are into the slice of life style anime and want’s to see another female lead that you are going to love this first episode of the series. The first episode was enjoyable and it’s not like the best anime or something that you all are going to love but it is different and I personally liked it.

It is about a girl who is moved to a new place and in a new school. Yes, it’s a school life anime with slice of life and yuri them. Other than the new school she also has a new stepsister to complete that yuri them. There is a kissing scene at the end of the episode that will definitely be going to enjoy by the yuri fans.

Citrus is not the anime that is going to love you all but it’s yuri they will going to attract many of us. There is nothing new but still, the art and the storytelling seems to be a little different about this first episode. I’m certainly going to watch another episode and then we will see if I’ll continue it or drop it. I’m not a real yuri fan but I still like this one though it is not going to appreciate by many of us.