China Salesman Official Trailer Is Out – Seems Like Mike Tyson Is In Action


If I am going to watch the China Salesman movie, then it might be for Mike Tyson. Just few minutes back the movie trailer for “China Salesman” is officially out and the trailer seems to be quite interesting, but it is really hard to judge the movie with just one trailer.

The trailer is just 1:27 minute long and the trailer clearly shows that it’s full of action. In the trailer, we see a war happening at some Israeli country, whereas on the other side we see a  huge business deal happening, where it clearly says that only 2 companies has got selected & just one company will get the deal. So what’s the deal, we really have to find that out.

Apart from this, the one thing that I noticed that this movie shows how the China Corporate is involved in this deal. Which mean there is a huge deal of weapon happening in there, which can be found out after the releease of the movie.

Being Mike Tyson featured in this movie as the main character, the whole trailer shows him on action. On the other hand we see Steven Seagal fighting to Mike, which clearly means that Steven Seagal is with the corporate making the deal.

The release date for the movie is not yet out, but it is confirmed that it will be out by this year.