Boruto Episode 30 review

Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 30 “The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!”
Release date:  25-october-2017
Original Maker: Masashi Kishimoto

Finally Sharingan and Genjutsu, I was waiting for it to see in action and now finally in episode 30 of Boruto, Sarada finally used it. It was not what I expected to what I wanted it to be but still, it was Sharingan. The episode was filled with a lot of fight and action scenes it was a good episode and here are my Boruto Episode 30 review.

My Review

Boruto, Mizukage, and Sarada are in a fight with New Seven Swordsmen. Kagura and Shizuma were attacking Boruto though we only get to see Kagura attacking Boruto till now and not Shizuma. On a level below the ground level, Sarada was fighting with the Lightning Sword warrior Buntan Kurosuki and all the others were busy in trying to defeat Chojuro.

As I mentioned in my spoiler, this episode was dedicated to Sarada and her Sharingan. We see her fighting style and the shadow clone Jutsu that she learned from Boruto with the help of her Sharingan help her to save her life. Sharingan can copy Jutsu’s of his opponent and we all knew it but what we didn’t know is that how Sarada is going to use it. Well, I think it is safe to say that Sharingan belongs to her and she is a Uchiha. As watching her Copying Buntan’s lightning Jutsu it felt like all this comes naturally to Sarada.

We see Boruto gets beating from Kagura, Boruto didn’t want to hurt Kagura (I think). As he was constantly trying to make him think properly. Kagura is manipulated by Shizuma and now he is helping Shizuma to achieve his dark plans. Kagura and Boruto are in a fight and Boruto is not doing well, he is not fighting back in the way he should have maybe because Kagura is his friend and he knows that he is not a bad guy, he only has a tough past.

Now if we talk about Chojuro the Sixth Mizukage of Mist Village, he his n a bad condition in the last episode but today when fighting stats. He seems to handle them quite easily. He taught a nice lesson to Kyohō, Hebiichigo, and Hassaku with a broken Sword. He taught them a Sword is as much powerful as his wielder.

Ichirōta was waiting at a distance for his turn to attack Mizukage but when he finally gets his turn he was interrupted by Iwabae (I kind of started to like this character). He doesn’t want Baruto to take all the spotlight and that’s why he entered the battle also we know that he doesn’t like mist village that much. Everything was going well he defeated Ichirōta but then Ichirōta made a huge explosion and Iwabe was near the explosion. We didn’t see him after the explosion and didn’t know what has happened to him.

As I already mentioned this episode was dedicated to Sarada and her Sharingan and luckily we get to see the Genjutsu that was combined with her Sharingan. It was not what I expect it to be but she is still in a learning phase and how she used it was amazing.

What’s Expected In Boruto Episode 31:

Next episode we are going to see the fight between Boruto and Kagura but we have to wait for it.

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