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Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 26 – The Mizukage’s Successor
Release date: 27-Sept-2017
Original Maker: Masashi Kishimoto

I just watched 26th episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation and it was nothing like how I presumed it to be. In the last episode, we get to see Boruto and gang in the Hidden Mist Village. They were welcomed by the Kagura and later by the end of the episode Iwabe, Boruto and Danke ended up in a little battle with two bullies of Mist Village. Now here is Boruto episode 26 review.

My Review

Episode started with Kagura escorting Naruto and his gang to the meet the current Mizukage who is Chojuro. On their way to meeting Boruto and gang also meet the previous Mizukage of Hidden Mist Village or may I say previous Mizukage of Bloody Mist Village. On his chamber, Chojuro expressed his view of getting together with Hidden Leaf Village and this field trip is to start this new bond. Later we get to know that Chojuro wants Kagura to be his successor.

Now before I say anything else. I want to say that this episode is a mysterious one, rather than focusing on one thing we get to know about Kagura, past, and present of Hidden Mist Village, Why Iwabe hate this village so much. Starting with Kagura this episode tells us about his current status as he is a candidate to become Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Mist, and he might become the successor of current Mizukage’s sword, Nirankari. We get to see a friendly bout between Boruto and Kagura.

Now let’s come to the past of Hidden Mist Village. After the end of great ninja war, they were not doing great the place is only good for fishermen but after Chojuro becomes new Mizukage things get better and people starts to live prosperous (that’s what we see till now).

During the fourth Mikukage’s era Hidden Mist was known as Bloody Mist Village there was no day without spilling blood. Their people were forced to kill others during the graduation exam (when Naruto was giving his exams to become shinobi). Iwabe’s grandfather fought with the fourth Mizukagai of Bloody Mist and get killed, this is the reason he is not enjoying his stay in here.

Now let’s talk about the present, right when Boruto and gang steps into their village, I feel like there is something fishy going on. Things are not completely changed in Hidden Mist. As by the end of this episode, we get to see some other rude kids who happen to kidnap Danke just to beat up Boruto in order to get fame among their people. We know that’s not going to happen but we have to wait until next episode.

What I think about this episode

I wish it was a long episode, the mystery of Hidden Mist Village is making me restless now. I want to know more about Kagura as he is being a nice guy but I wanted to about his past. He must have a rough one though. The episode was fun but short in contrast to the things they revealed in this episode.