Boruto Manga Chapter 31 – Release Date, Spoiler and Raw Scan


Finally, we see some action in Boruto Chapter 30. Koji was expected to involve in the fight between Naruto, but it turned out to be Delta. Manga chapter 30, makes it clear that Koji is here just for an investigation. In Boruto Manga Chapter 31 we are finally going to see some action. There is still suspense on Chapter 31, but itis sure that the Manga is going to be kickass.

Boruto Manga Chapter 31

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It is really hard to say if Delta took a wrong decision to fight Naruto or will Koji come to help her? To know more about it, keep reading this article as we are going to share our experience and our Expecting on Boruto Chapter 31.

Boruto Manga Capter 31 Spoiler

Koji looks quite smart and we do not think that he would soon be seen in the battle with Naruto. Delta, on the other hand, she is in real trouble. Kawaki has already mentioned that Naruto is as powerful as Kara, but Delta’s power is yet unknown.

There is no doubt that the chapter is going to have action and Naruto’s involvement is exciting. We will have a glim of what Delta’s power by the end of Chapter 31, and we clearly saw that this is a battle for Kawaki. According to fans expectations, Koji is planning to kidnap Boruto and it seems to be true.

It has become clear that Delta is also a Fabricated human, which means that Naruto will surely have some trouble defeating her. There is also a huge possibility that Koji could come in the way and rescue Delta. Naruto will easily identify Koji’s identity in Chapter 31.

There are also rumors that Delta will give some time for Koji to kidnap Boruto, but how true that is still a suspense.

Boruto Chapter 31 Raw Scan

We still have time to get the Raw Scan out for Boruto Manga 31. The Raw Scan will be out a day before the Manga releases. Bookmark this page to check back for Boruto Chapter 31 Raw.

Boruto Manga Chapter 31 Release Date

This Chapter will be another long chapter as Boruto Chapter 31 is getting released on 28th January 2018. This chapter is going to be Boruto’s 1st Manga chapter for 2019. This chapter will come with the 6th Vol as its latest installment.

We will have to wait for some update in this chapter or will have to wait for the Offical Spoiler. If you have anything to discuss this chapter, feel free to ask in the comment below.