Boruto Manga 26 Spoiler & Release Date


 Boruto manga 26

Boruto Manga Chapter 26 Release Date: 18th August 2018

I know that Boruto chapter 25 was out long back & today I am here with the spoiler & release date of Boruto chapter 26. There were a lot of rumors going around on Kawaki to destroy the Konan in the next episode & so on. But, we thought to wait and get some confirmation before we write something.

The chapter 25 was all focused on Kawaki & Karma. With this chapter, we got to know more about Kawaki’s body. It looked clear that Kawaki is no one but an artificial human being similar to Mitsuki. On the other hand, the scientist is quite surprised to know, there are still people who are so developed to make a body like this.

Boruto Chapter 26 will be focused more on Kawaki’s investigation. We might also see Sasuke in the coming chapter who also has some information on Karma. In this chapter, we will see how Naruto & Ibiki Morino will do the investigation & there will be a light of some information that Naruto will get to take action on. In the chapter, Naruto will get to know about the Kara group & then a plan of action will be taken to investigate on the same.

With this chapter, we will get to know more about what is going to happen in the upcoming chapters & also will see some research on Kawaki’s body. In future chapters, we might also see Kawaki’s and Boruto’s taring to use their Karma. The Episode 26 & 27 will go more on the investigation side with Kawaki & his background.

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