Boruto Episode 92 – Release Date, Spoiler


Boruto Episode 92

Mitsuki Ask has finally come to an end and now we are going to see something new on Boruto Episode 92. Oniki has finally realized his mistake and now Boruto along with Mitsuki is going to the Leaf village. Boruto Episode 92 is going to be another filler and we will see some investigation on Mitsuki.

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Boruto Episode 92 is titled “A New Ordinary” which clearly says that the episode is going to show a new start for Mitsuki’s Life. After watching the preview here is the Spoiler for Boruto Episode 92. Let us share your thought in the comment below.

Boruto Episode 92 Spoiler

As per the preview, we are going to see some investigation happening on Mitsuki. Also, Mitsuki will go to see Orochimaru. It looks like Orochimaru knew about what’s happening in the Stone village.

It is expected that once Mitsuki visits Orochimaru, then there is no comeback. We might see that Orochimaru investigating on what Mitsuki saw. We will also see Boruto in conversation with Garaga.

Boruto episode 92 is just going to be the windup of everything that we saw in the Mitsuki Arc. With this episode, we might finally see the beginning of a new arc. Are we going to see Kara’s Arc after this episode? Or is there something else that we might see. Let us know what you think after Boruto Episode 92.

Boruto Episode 92 Release Date

The good news is that there’s no delay and we are going to see the episode on 3rd February 2019. We will update you about the official spoiler once it is out.