Boruto Episode 89 – Release Date and Spoiler


Boruto Episode 88 is out and as expected we see Ku refusing Onoki’s order and on the other hand, we saw Konahamaru meets Mitsuki. There is no doubt that the Boruto Episode 89 is going to be action pack. As a lot of things has happened in episode 88, we might finally see some real action.

Boruto Episode 89

Just note that Boruto Episode 89 is not going to be an end of Mitsuki Arc. According to the sources, Mitsuki Arc is going to end after a few more episodes. Let’s go ahead and see what we can expect from Boruto Episode 89.

Boruto Episode 89 Spoiler

As per the preview, it is clear that we will be seeing Boruto and Sarada facing Kirara Gen Jutsu. This is also a hint that we might see Sarada activating 2 tome Sharingan or someone else might appear.

If we talk about Mitsuki and Konahamaru, we are still in suspense about what is going to happen. We believe that Mitsuki aim to come to Iwagakure is different. There are chanses that Mitsuki and Konahamaru could come to save Boruto and others.

A lot of things is yet to be get clear if we will see Naruto in Boruto Episode 89. Everything will get confirmed after the official spoiler for this episode is out. By that time this is out expected spoiler.

Boruto Episode 89 Release Date

Unlike last time, there is no delay for Boruto’s Episode 89. This episode is going to get a release on 14 January 2018. If there is an update related to this episode we will update you here. You can share your thoughts in the comment below.