Boruto Episode 88 – Release Date, Preview and Spoiler


Finally, Boruto’s Mitsuki Arc is getting interesting. Naruto’s involvement was not seen in the episode, but Episode 87 gives a clear hit of Naruto’s presence. In Boruto Episode 88 we are going to some great action. As Boruto and others have been captured and Onoki has realised his mistake.

Boruto EPisode 88

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In this post, we are going to talk about Boruto Episode 88 and we welcome your thoughts. We are also going to see the release date and Spoiler for this episode.

Boruto Episode 88 Spoiler

After looking at the preview, it has become clear that Boruto Episode 88 Konoki is going to realize his mistake. Lord Ku is seen greedy and he might do the heart transplant with one of the shinobi from Leaf village.

We have seen Boruto asking so many questions and one thing has become clear that a huge battle is awaiting. Naruto appearing in the village means a huge battle. This also means that Lord Ku will not be an easy opponent.

We will see Onoki stopping Lord Ku for what he has done, but Lord Ku refuses with desperation and ask the other Artifical humans to kill them. Later we will see Shikadai’s entry who have come to save them.

If there is any action involved then we might definitely see Konahamaru or Naruto by the end of the Episode. This also gives us a hint that the Mitsuki’s Arc is coming to an end and also we are actually going to see Mitsuki’s purpose.

Boruto Episode 88 Preview

Boruto Episode 88 Release Date

Boruto Episode 88 has been delayed due to New Year and it is going to get its release on 6th January 2019. Boruto Episode 88 is going to an epic episode and we are going to see some real action in this episode.

If you still have anything to discuss about this episode we are here for an open discussion.