Boruto Episode 86 – Release Date & Spoiler


Boruto Episode 86: Kozuchi’s Will

Release Date: 16 December 2018

Boruto Episode 86

It seems that the whole Mitsuki Arc is about everyone will. Started with Mitsuki’s Will then Boruto, Onoki and Boruto Episode 86 is  Kozuchi’s will. It seems that we are about to see an end to the Mitsuki Arc. In the Boruto Episode 85, we saw how Boruto and Onoki finally come out of Sanzu Plain with the help of Sekki.

After Boruto Episode 86 we are finally going to see some action. It looks like the Doctor’s intention are not genuine and he will become the main source to manipulate Ku.  In this post, you will read about Boruto Episode 86 Spoiler and the exact release date.

Boruto Episode 86 Spoiler

First, talking about Lord Ku, he is also in the final stage & might die if he does not get the human heart. We will see Lu taking control over the Iwagakure village, as he wants to fulfill Onoki’s plan.

On the other hand, Onoki will be taking Boruto to his grandson’s place. We will see how Onoki explains everything to Boruto and why he thinks his plan is the only option to protect everyone.

We have already seen Konahamaru in the village investigation about it. There is a huge possibility that we could we will see Konahamaru being involved in the fight with Ku. We are sure that when Onoki appears in the village we will not be happy with the situation in the village.

After Episode 86, we might finally see some action in Boruto. People are also expecting to see Sasuke, but that’s just rumors. To know what exactly will happen, we will have to wait for Boruto Episode 86 to get live.

Boruto Episode 86 Release Date

Talking about the release date for Boruto Ep 86, it will be aired on official streaming websites on 16-December 2018. If there is an update on the schedule change possibilities, we might update you here.

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