Boruto Episode 85 – Release Date, Spoiler And Preview


Sanzu Plains is where Boruto and Onoki have stuck and now Boruto has to find his heart stone so that he can make his escape along with Onoki. Boruto Episode 84 also had a suspense of Kirara and Kako’s decaying. Episode 85 is about to release & here we are with the Spoiler.

Boruto Episode 85 Spoiler & Release Date

Boruto Episode 85 Spoiler:

Talking about Boruto Episode 85, there is a lot of things that.  will disclose here. First, we are going to see Konahamaru’s presence doing his investigation. By the end of the episode, we will finally see Konahamaru’s presence.

Apart from Konahamaru, Mitsuki will finally get to know about Onoki’s will. As Kirara and Kako’s life is in danger, we might finally see Ku executing his plan. As Mitsuki has a seal in his heart, we might see Shikadai being the source to their living.

The most important part of this episode is the Sanzu Plain. During Boruto’s journey to find the heart stone, Boruto will find a new friend from the village. Onoki being the only person who has gone through this training, we will see him guiding them. By the end of this chapter, we will finally see how Boruto & Sekki find their heart stone.


The most suspicious character here is Kokuyō. Where everyone is interested in making friends with a human, he is against them. There is a huge possibility of him being the one who has mislead himself. With his behavior, we might finally see Onoki realize on his mistake.

We are not sure if this is really going to happen, but this is just our expectation for the Mitsuki Arc. Let us know your thought on what you think about Kokuyo.

Boruto Episode 85 Release Date:

Talking about Boruto Ep 85 release date, it is expected to get a release on 9th December 2018. If there is an update on the schedule, we will update you here.

Boruto Episode 85 Preview