Boruto Episode 83 – Will Revel Onoki’s Plan


Boruto Epiosde 83

Boruto Episode 83: Onoki’s Justice

Release Date: 25 November 2018

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Boruto Episode 82, a huge surprise to & seeing Onoki being the villain behind all this. It also becomes clear that Lor Ku is no one but Onoki’s son. There might be something that Onoki is working since the Great Ninja War 4. In Boruto Episode 83, we are going to witness the reason behind his actions. (

It is obvious that everyone would want to know about his plan & the reason behind this. In this Article, we are going to discuss why did Onoki do all this. This is just our prediction, hence you are free to have an open discussion in the comment below.

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Note: This Article might contain Spoiler

Let’s Begin:

There are 2 reasons behind Onoki’s action.  First, he might be under some Genjustu or he wants to have a life of immortal. Before we talk about that, let’s talk about why this happens.

If you remember when Onoki visited Leaf Village he meets Boruto, Mitsuki & Sarada. During his visit, he finds something unusual with Mitsuki & since then plan on investigating. Later when he finds Mitsuki’s secret, he plans to invite him so that they can do some experiment.

As we all know that Onoki is about to die, which gives us a clear idea on why he wants Mitsuki. The only reason behind this is that he wants to bring peace to the world by making immortal human being, which is only possible with Mitsuki. This might be some adverse effect happen after the 4th Great Ninja War, where Onoki wants to bring all the dead to life.

Lord Ku, on the other hand, is a scientist who has failed on creating a synthetic human being. Seeing Mitsuki it’s their only hope so that they could create successful synthetic humans. There also might be a possibility that Onoki wants to leave for longer, which might be one strong reason for his actions.

We can only confirm his actions after we get our hands on the official Spoiler.

Release Date:

Now, talking about Boruto Episode 83 release date, we are going to see it on 25th November. By that time, we might share you the Spoiler and some more secrets behind Onoki plans. To know more about it, keep following us.