Boruto Episode 82 – Spoiler & Release Date


Boruto Episode 82.

We already knew that in Boruto Episode 82, Boruto is going to meet Onoki for help, but nothing was not officially spoiled. After such a long waiting we finally have our hands on Boruto Episode 82 spoiler. This episode is going to be crucial as we are going to unveil secrets.

Before we talk about the spoiler, let’s talk about the preview. In Boruto Episode 82 preview, we saw how Boruto visits Iwagakure. Just after that, we see Lord Ku’s presence. Now, let’s jump to Spoiler.

Boruto Episode 82 Spoiler:

This episode is going to be the most crucial episode of this Arc & why we will let you know below. In this episode, we will see how Boruto & other invade to Iwagakure village. All of them are hoping to get some help from Onoki, being unaware of his condition.

At the initial part of Mitsuki’s Arc, we had discussed about Konahamarus involvement, which we will see in this episode. After Konahamaru gets to know about their presence, he heads towards Iwagakure. Konahamaru being their sensei blames himself for what happen with Mitsuki. During Mitsuki’s search, we will see Konahamaru & Boruto meeting each other. But all this moment will be monitored by Lord Ku.

Whereas Onoki’s involvement is a concern, it is a surprise that he would deny helping Boruto, which is yet a secret to revel. Never or less, we will definitely see the Leafe village jonin & Lord Ku’s initiating the battle. As Mitsuki Arc is about to end a lot of things will be wrapped in this episode itself.

It is said that the Boruto Episode 83 will be an end to the Season 1, which means the end of Mitsuki’s Arc.

Boruto Episode 82 Release Date:

Now, coming to the important part of this episode, Boruto Episode 82 will release tomorrow on 18 November. In this episode, we will finally get to see who Lord Ku is and also his purpose to bring Mitsuki.