Boruto Episode 82: Boruto Meets Onoki


Boruto Episode 82.

Boruto Episode 82: Infiltrating The Hidden Stone Village!

Release Date: 18 November 2018

Status: Released

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We are finally coming to an end of Mitsuki Arc and also Boruto Season 1. We were aware of Boruto’s answer, but the conversation between Boruto & Garaga is still a suspesnse. As suspected on the last spoiler, we see Chocho & Inojin meeting a new Akuta, which we expect is going to play an important role in this Arc.

Now, talking about the upcoming Boruto Episode 82, one this is confirmed that they are going to meet Onoki. In this article, we are going to inform you about the release date & will also let you know what we can expect in this episode.

What will happen?

This is not the first time that Boruto & others are meeting Onoki & it is sure that Boruto is going to ask for a huge favor. According to the title of this episode, we will see Onoki being aware of the situation in the village.

We believe that Onoki will surely give a hint about the situation in the village 7 also about Mitsuki. It is nothing not sure what that story will be, but it’s obvious.  After watching the preview of Boruto Episode 82, we will see “Ku” appearing in this episode. It is also said that we could finally see the man being Ku’s disguise.

There is nothing much shared about this episode yet & what we have mentioned above is just our prediction. Official Spoiler of this episode will be out 2-3 days prior to the release & we will update you about it here.

Release Date: 

The release date for Boruto Ep 82, it 18th November next week. If you have anything else to discuss, you are free to share it with us in the comment below. Let us know what you expect to see in Boruto Episode 82.