Boruto Episode 81 – What’s Boruto’s Wish?


Boruto episode 81

Boruto Episode 81: Boruto’s Wish

Release Date: 11- November-2018

Mitsuki’s Arc is getting quite interesting & according to otakukart, this Arc will end on Episode 85. Boruto Episode 81 preview confirms that we will see Boruto’s wish & in the preview, we see Boruto talking to Garaga in the spiritual world.

On the other hand, it was surprising to see Sekiei being aware of Mitsuki’s act & episode 80 shows the purpose of him for agreeing. As expected we have finally seen Lord Ku fighting Kurotsuchi & it seems that he knows who Lord Ku is. It is quite obvious that Lord Ku is about to decay like Sekiei & Mitsuki is the only answer to all his problem.

Talking about Boruto Episode 81, everyone would like to know about what Boruto wish for. In this Article, we are going to discuss our expectation about Boruto Episode 81.

What is Boruto’s Wish?

Boruto is subconscious & being in contract with Garaga we see him talking to him in the spiritual world. We expect to see Garaga explaining Boruto about people betrayals and ask him to forget about Mitsuki. However, Boruto being stubborn we will see a debating to bring Mitsuki back to the Leaf village.

Lord Ku’s Appearance

We have partially seen Lord Ku in Episode 80 & we are quite sure that we will see his full appearance in Episode 81. There is no doubt that Kurotsuchi is now aware how he really & now she is under his prison.

Release Date:

Talking about the release date, Boruto episode 81 will release on 11 November 2018 on their official timing. If we have any additional information we will share with you here.