Boruto Episode 81 Spoiler Update


Boruto episode 81

Boruto Episode 81: Boruto’s Wish

Release Date: 11- November-2018

Status: Released

If you have read our last article on Boruto episode 81, then you might know a lot of things about what we could expect in this episode. Looking at the preview it is clear that Boruto will be seen talking to Garaga & Shikadai & Sarada won’t go to the village.

Today we finally have our hand on Boruto Episode 81 spoiler. If you are not into spoilers then you can check other Anime related article here.

Boruto Episode 81 Spoiler:

Preview confirms Borutos unconscious state & him talking to Garags in the spiritual world. During their conversation, we will get to know what Boruto’s wish is but that’s not all.

According to the spoiler, we will see Shikadai buy some time to recover Boruto. In the meantime, we will see Chocho & Inojin taking a survey & where they will be fighting Akuta. On the other side, we will see Boruto’s conversation with Garaga regarding Mitsuki and betrayal. This conversation will end up with a solution on what Boruto wish for.

There is no confirmation on what he wishes, but it is quite obvious that we might see him heading toward the Land of the earth to meet Mitsuki. To know more about Boruto Episode 81, we will have to wait a while to get more information the spoiler.

We are quite sure that we will get more information the episode before the release. By that time you are open for discussion regarding the episode in the comment below. For those who are not aware of the release date, Boruto episode 81 will release on 11 November 2018.

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