Boruto Episode 80 – Release Date & Our Expectation


Boruto Episode 80

Boruto Episode 80: Mitsuki’s Friends

Release Date: 4-November 2018

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Boruto Episode 79 Overview:

Boruto Episode 79 is out & in this episode, Mitsuki reunion and how he refuses to go ahead with them. It was really unexpected to see Mitsuki using the lightning blade against Boruto.

One thing that we should not miss in this episode is about Sekiei attack that occurred during the fight. It has become clear that Mitsuki has no intention to come to the village & also he is the only one who can help the others to give an extra life.

As Mitsuki’s Arc is about to come to an end, we will soon be seeing Lord Ku, who is behind all this. In this Article, we are going to see Spoiler about Boruto Episode 80.

Spoiler & Our Expectation:

Few details about the story have already been shared, but there is a lot of things that haven’t been revealed.

According to the confirmed Spoiler, it is said that Boruto defeating Kokuyo & meets Mitsuki. But it is said that Mitsuki will refuse to return to the village & plans to go ahead with Sekiei. The Spoiler also confirmed Onoki’s appearance in this chapter.

As seen in the preview, we are going to see Lord Ku fighting against Kurotsuchi. It seems that Lord Ku’s plan is about to execute & will a lot of action in this episode.

What we expect here is that during their Journey, Sekiei might have told Mitsuki some facts which can be one reason for Mitsuki to deny. Knowing the fact that Sekiei is not human & they have a shorter lifespan, Mitsuki plans to move ahead for their help. It is said that Mitsuki is one source that can help them increase their lifespan.

It might be his sage mode or he might be Orochimaru’s some successful experiment that Lord Ku wants to test. There is no information on Lord Ku, but it is expected that we might see him in this episode.

Release Date: 

It is confirmed that Boruto Episode 80 will release on 4th November 2018 on their official timing. We are sure that post Episode 79 release we will have a clear idea on what we can expect on this episode.