Boruto Episode 79 – Release Date & Spoiler


boruto episode 79

Boruto Episode 79: Reunion With Mitsuki

Release Date: 28 – October – 2018

Status: Released

The Mitsuki’s Arc is just getting interesting & in Episode 78 we got that the one bind this is “Lord Ku”. The character is yet to be described & we believe by Episode 80 we will get to know more about him.

Boruto Episode 79 will release on 28th October next week & as the title suggest “Reunion With Mitsuki” we will see Boruto meeting Mitsuki. But before that Boruto & others will be fighting against Kokuyo.

In this Article, we are going to talk about Episode 79 spoiler & if you are are not interested in Spoilers then you can check other articles here.


Kokuyo seems to be a strong ninja & there is no doubt that Boruto has no chance against him. On the other hand, Mitsuki & other hidden rock ninja are heading towards Lord Ku. In this episode, we will see some intense action between Boruto & Kokuyo.

As said earlier that it will not be easy for Boruto to defeat Kokuyo & for there backup it is expected a Chocho to appear. After Chocho’s experience, we will see how Shikadai will ask Boruto to search for Mitsuki & both rest of them will fight Kokuyo.

After the 2nd half of the episode, we will see Naruto & Sarada following Mitsuki where Shikadai & other Ninja will fight against Kokuyo. According to the spoiler, the episode will show Boruto & Sarada almost captures Mitsuki’s but fails because of the other ninja.

Rease Date:

As said earlier, Boruto Episode 79 will release on 28th October on Sunday. Before the release, we will keep sharing you this Episodes updates here.

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