Boruto Episode 77- Garaga’s Ferocious Attack


Boruto Episode 77

Boruto Episode 77:A Fierce Enemy – Garaga’s Ferocious Attack

Release Date: 14 October

Status: Released

First, Boruto Episodes will release on Sunday & 2nd Garaga ferocious attack have made it difficult for Boruto & everyone to get the reversal snake. With the last Episode 76, it has got clear that all the strategy that Boruto & other had made have flopped. Now the biggest risk here is to get rid of Garaga’s spit or else everyone will turn to stone as Cho Cho.

We are already aware that Boruto will meet Mitsuki on Boruto Episode 79, which means by the episode we will just see Boruto finding the answer. As we are already aware that Hidden Stone Ninjas, Kokuyō, Sekiei has taken Mitsuki, which is the biggest threat for the Leafe village.

Talking about Episode 77, we are going to see how Boruto & other will face Garaga. In this Article, let’s find that out what we are going to see in Boruto Episode 77.

Note: This Article contains Spoiler


There is no doubt that Boruto & other will be succeeding on getting the reversal snake from Garaga, but they will have to go through a tough battle. In this episode, we will see how Boruto & other will change their strategy to get then reversal stone. All thanks to Aoda’s who is helping them.  With this episode, we will finally get to know Mitsuki’s will.

Also in the preview, we saw Mitsuki with Kokuyō, Sekiei which gives the clear idea that we might get to know what the Hidden Stone Ninjas are up to.  Also, one thing that everyone noticed is a new character “Yurito”, which we believe is a pawn of the Hidden stone Ninjas.

It is expected that Yurito will be captured by Sakura or Hinata, through which Naruto & others will get to the plan behind them.

Release Date:

As said, Boruto Episode will now be released on every Sunday, which means Boruto Episode 77 will be aired on 14 October 2018.