Boruto Episode 76 – Incurring Wrath


Boruto Episode 76

Boruto Episode 76: Incurring Wrath

Release Date: 7- October

Update: The Episode is out. Enjoy watching the episode on Anime streaming website. 

It seems that we might have to wait for a few more episodes to know Mitsuki’s will. Boruto Episode 75 is out already & yet they are into solving Mitsuki’s will puzzle. As seen in the last episode about how everyone visits the Ryuchi Cave to meet White Snake Sage Ninja. During their journey, they come across who Snake Ninja’s disciples to manipulate & stop them.

In episode 74 it became clear that anyone who comes to the Ryuchi Cave is just to acquire sage power & these disciples aim is to wander these people in the search. We saw how Boruto & others suffer from a different test of their just to reach the Ryuchi Temple gate to finally meet Snake Sage.

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But when Boruto asks the sage to analyze what Mitsuki’s snake wants to say, he refuses and keeps a condition to get the Reversal Snake from Garaga (A Giant Snake). In this Article let figure out what we can see in Boruto Episode 76.

Our Expectations: 

In the Episode 76 preview, we saw Aoda’s (or might be someone similar) appearance in this chapter & we believe that he might be helping Sadara & Baruto as both of them belong to Sasuke. It is quite obvious that whatsoever that

What Boruto is planning to get from Garaga is really difficult to get, but being Mitsuki the reason for the fight we will see how Boruto finally gets the Reversal Snake. We are not really sure how intense the hunt be, but it is obvious to be an interesting one. ( Looking at Garaga, he looks so insane with his one damaged eyes (or is it not).

Now, talking about the important thing is analyzing the code by Mitsuki’s snake. We will be seeing how the Sage Snake will unveil the secret after Boruto defeats Garaga. We believe that in the next two episodes we could see an end to Mitsuki’s Arc.

Release date:

Boruto Episode 76 will be released on 7 October.