Boruto Episode 76 Delayed For Next Week


Boruto Episode 76

Update: The Episode is out. Enjoy watching the episode on Anime streaming website. 

The Mitsuki’s Arc was going quite great & we were expecting regular episodes. But, it seems that we will have to wait a week more to watch Boruto Episode 76. According to the recent confirmation, this episode will air on 7th October, Sunday rather than their official release day (It’s Thursday).

This might be disappointing for the fans, but we are left with no choice, but to wait. We expect that in these coming days we could expect more light on the Arc.

But talking about the episode, we are expecting to see Aoda talking to Boruto. Whereas, we will also see a great teamwork between team 7 & team 10 against Garaga. There is no doubt that Boruto will get the Reversal Snake & in this episode, we might get to see the code behind Mitsuki’s Will.

The interesting part here is to see Boruto in full rage fighting Garaga to find the answer. We will also see the end to the Sage snake part here & will see Boruto moving to hunt for his friend so that he could take him back.

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