Boruto Episode 74 – Release Date & Spoiler


Boruto Episode 74Boruto Episode 74: The Enemy, Eno-Shika-Cho!

Release Date: 20th Sept

Status: Released

Boruto Episode 73 has added in a lot of information in the Mitsuki’s Arc. Along with this, we got to know Orochimaru’s goal. He aims to unlock the truth about all the things in the world. It was also surprising to see Kirin in this episode. Whereas Naruto in the Leaf is going through hard times with the elders.

Later in the episode, when everyone finds out about Boruto & Sadara incident, they assign Team 1o for their search.

With this Episode, one thing got clear that Mitsuki has been manipulated by White Snake Sage Ninja who residing in Ryuchi Cave. By the time Boruto & Sadara reach Ryauchi Cave, they get stopped by Team 10.

This Boruto Episode 74 will show more about the fight between Team 7 & Team 10 & in this article we going to discuss more what we can expect from Ep 74.

Our Expectation:

There are a few things that we are expecting will happen in this episode. It is quite obvious to see Inojin Yamanaka, Shikadai Nara, Chōchō Akimichi to become anime to Boruto & Sadara. We will see how they will battle each other to take Boruto and Sadara back to the village.

We hope that there will be some emotional moments where team 10 to let go Boruto & Sadara. In the preview, we have already seen how Shikadai talks to Mitsuki’s snake, which means what we are expecting can we true. It is also expected to see Konahamaru in this episode, but we are not sure if this will really happen. By the episode end, we believe that we will see some more information about the Snake Sage Ninja & his mission with Mitsuki.

The Mituski’s Arc is getting quite interesting. We might finally see some good action after the Momoshiki battle.

Release Date:

Boruto episodes are releasing in the weekly manner & hope that we could see Boruto Episode 74 on 20th Sept next week. If there is any change in the schedule, we would discuss with you here.