Boruto Episode 73 – Release Date & Spoiler


Boruto Episode 73

Boruto Episode 73:The other side of the moon”

Release Date: 13 – Sept

Boruto Episode 72 is out & it was really surprising to see Mitsuki decision to leave the village. Another surprising thing in the chapter 72 was the Ninja with similar ability like Kakuzu. Also as said Tsunade has appeared in Episode 72 and after knowing the fact that Mitsuki is his son, she allows everyone to search for him.

It was really surprising to see how Naruto kept such a secret from Tsunade. It gives clear indication that Tsunade was not aware of anything related to Mitsuki. It seems that Naruto is hiding something from everyone, which we will find out in the upcoming episode.

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Boruto & Sadara is already out to find Mitsuki, as Baruto wants to know what Mitsuki’s will is. As there are a lot of things that going on in this episode, let’s find out what we can expect in Boruto Episode 73.

What Can We Expect?

It is clear that with the Mitsuki’s snake, Boruto will first go to lord Orochamru to know about him. At the same time, we will see Konohamaru will come to to meet Orochimaru asking about Mitsuki. It seems that even Orochimaru is not aware of the incident either. With this, we will be seeing how Boruto will be moving forward to search for Mitsuki and ask about his will.

As seen two new character tin Episode 72, it seems that Mitsuki has been manipulated by some group to acquire his power. We will be seeing how Biruto and Sadara will go in the journey to find Mitsuki’s will.

This also confirms that we might get to know more about him in the future episode.

Boruto’s 73rd episode will be aired on 13 September, which is just a week ahead. In this episode we will see how Boruto will fight to get Mitsuki back in the village.